About Us

HCASC invites all middle and high school students interested in leadership with a purpose to participate in our unique student-run monthly meetings the second Wednesday of every month:

  • learn leadership skills and best practices
  • discuss current events impacting students in HCPSS
  • share your ideas directly with the Student Member of the Board of Education and other HCPSS leaders
  • explore ways to make a difference in their schools and communities
  • have fun!

Come see what 100 student leaders, athletes, and artists, who meet each month already know- HCASC is for students who want to get involved and work together to make their schools and HCPSS as strong as they can be.

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HCASC Officer Team 2015-2016

Cindy Drummond, Advisor, cindy_drummond@hcpss.org

Libby Milano, President, hcascpresident@gmail.com

Ilsa Mir, Vice President, hcascvicepresident@gmail.com

Sophie Lovering, Treasurer, hcasctreasurer@gmail.com

Radhika Gholap, Secretary, hcascsecretary@gmail.com

HCASC Appointed Officer Team 2015-2016

Jennifer Jung, Chief of Staff, j2000jung@gmail.com

Amber Fang, Webmaster, amberlisa.fang@gmail.com

Second Vice President

  • Sakshi Gholap
  • Elizabeth Banyas

Recruitment Committee

  • Faith Kipchirchir, Co-Chair
  • Michelle Bao, Co-Chair
  • Archana Swaminathan
  • Cianna Bisant

Public Relations Committee

  • Emily Chi, Chair
  • Amy Dell
  • Wendy Yang
  • Rishi Chary

Health and Social Issues Committee

  • Isaac Daly, Co-Chair
  • Alice Joo, Co-Chair
  • Sophia Sagandyk
  • Kiana Wambui

Environmental Affairs Committee

  • Paul Lin, Co-Chair
  • Niki Gooya, Co-Chair
  • Bill Cao
  • Athena Verghis

State Legislative Affairs Committee

  • Anna Selbrede, Co-Chair
  • Courtney Tse, Co-Chair
  • Pranavi Sayyaparaju
  • Swadhin Nalubola

Special Elections Committee

  • Naveed Mian, Chair
  • Megumi Fukuzawa
  • Sam Seliger