About Us

What is HCASC?
The Howard County Association of Student Councils, more commonly known as HCASC, brings together students across the school system to talk about leadership and government in HCPSS. HCASC strives to empower students with skills and opportunities to engage with and lead their schools and communities.

Who is Eligible to Join HCASC?
HCASC is open to all middle and high school students.

Why Should I Join HCASC?
By joining HCASC, you will have the opportunity to:

  • learn leadership skills and best practices
  • meet and work with student leaders from across HCPSS
  • discuss current events impacting HCPSS students
  • provide feedback and insight on HCPSS policy
  • share your ideas directly with the Student Member of the Board of Education SMOB) and other HCPSS leaders
  • represent your school at the student-run convention to elect the SMOB
  • explore ways to make a difference in your school and community
  • engage with community leaders
  • have fun!

How Can I Get Involved?
HCASC hosts monthly, student-run meetings the second Wednesday of every month. In addition to reports and updates from current HCASC members, meetings include leadership training, guest speakers, and/or student forums where students can come together to share best practices and discuss current school and community issues. No application or registration is required; just show up!

Where Can I Get More Information?
Interested in learning more about HCASC? Contact Cindy Drummond, HCASC's advisor, or members of the HCASC officers (listed below). You can also contact your school principal for information on leadership opportunities at your school.


HCASC Officer Team 2020-2021

Cindy Drummond, Advisor, cindy_drummond@hcpss.org

Chris Lidard, President, hcascpresident@gmail.com

Josh Drasin, Vice President, hcascvicepresident@gmail.com

Dhriti Vadlakonda Corresponding Secretary, hcasctreasurer@gmail.com

Sakshi. Gholap, Recording Secretary, hcascsecretary@gmail.com

HCASC Appointed Staff 2020-2021

Nehal Naqvi, Chief of Staff, hcascchiefofstaff@gmail.com 

Samantha Mosely, Parliamentarian, hcascparliamentarian@gmail.com 

Sheryl Li, Webmaster

SOC (Student Organizations Committee

  • Olivia Lewis, Chair
  • Williard Conley
  • Chikamara Obioha
  • Anuj Alamasety
  • Beruktawit Gebreamlak

SOC Student Government Committee

  • Margaret Yin, chair
  • Camille Young
  • Elizabeth Banyas
  • Shivani Modi
  • Gabriel Otubu
  • Anirudh Saxena
  • Starina Cahng
  • Anika Huang
  • Eduardo Marin
  • Nikki Farnham
  • Josie Pittman
  • Zoe Leak

Legislative Affairs Committee

  • Jonathan DiPietro, chair
  • Chris Bardini
  • Peter Banyas
  • Shruti Vadlakonda
  • Anthony Duan
  • Neha Dinesh
  • Erin Alistar

Health and Social Issues Committee

  • Jayshree Srinivasan, Chair
  • Caleb Shim
  • Dhruvi Patel
  • Trisha Reddy
  • Lily Thorne
  • Harini Muthu
  • Anokhi Gududuri
  • Riya Raikar

Environmental Affairs Committee

  • Iris Zhan, Chair
  • Shoshi Hornum
  • Jaclyn Seo
  • William Gao
  • Shifa Shaikh
  • Allie Liu

ECC Committee

  • Hannah Fang, chair
  • Sashita Subburaj
  • Isabella Roberts
  • Elain Park
  • Lamia Ayaz
  • Mackenzie Leach

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

  • Varshini Suresh, chair
  • Christly Bright
  • Jonetta Lah
  • Darlene Lee
  • Blen Dawit
  • James Tang
  • Estefania Tapia
  • Gwyneth Siojo
  • Oliver Song

STEM Committee

  • Rishika Kokatam, Chair
  • Anika Verma
  • Elsa Meyer
  • Anurag Sodhi

Art Coordinator

  • Makenzie Leach

MASC Engagement Coordinator

  • Carter Rakestraw