About Us

What is HCASC?

The Howard County Association of Student Councils, more commonly known as HCASC, brings together students across the school system to talk about leadership and government in HCPSS. HCASC strives to empower students with skills and opportunities to engage with and lead their schools and communities.

Who is Eligible to Join HCASC?

HCASC is open to all middle and high school students.

Why Should I Join HCASC?

By joining HCASC, you will have the opportunity to:

  • learn leadership skills and best practices
  • meet and work with student leaders from across HCPSS
  • discuss current events impacting HCPSS students
  • provide feedback and insight on HCPSS policy
  • share your ideas directly with the Student Member of the Board of Education SMOB) and other HCPSS leaders
  • represent your school at the student-run convention to elect the SMOB
  • explore ways to make a difference in your school and community
  • engage with community leaders
  • have fun!

Here are some quotes from students that are in HCASC:

  • Chris- 12th grade- “HCASC has taught me countless valuable lessons about becoming a student leader, uplifting the voices of all HCPSS students, and collaboration. Without HCASC, I would have never met such wonderful individuals from across the county and may not have put myself out into the community as much as I do now!”

  • Kayla- 12th grade- “Through HCASC, I have been able to connect with people around the county and learn their opinions/views. It has allowed me to become part of a larger community in Howard County and be informed on issues at other schools that I did not know existed.”

  • Iris- 12th grade- “I learned a lot about managing and leading a group, and how to create visions and directions for projects. I became more aware of community happenings and how to get involved.”

  • Shreeya- 10th grade- “I have learned how involved students can actually become in making decisions for the school system, and it has really made me more involved in my community”

  • Matthew- 8th grade- “HCASC allowed me to be well-informed and involved in my community. It makes me happy to know that students in the Howard County have a voice.”

  • Maliyah- 7th grade- “Through HCASC I became an SGA member- that is how they shaped me”

How Can I Get Involved?

HCASC hosts monthly, student-run general assemblies the second Wednesday of every month. In addition to reports and updates from current HCASC members, meetings include leadership training, guest speakers, and/or student forums where students can come together to share best practices and discuss current school and community issues. Be sure to RSVP to attend our general assemblies!

How Can I Apply For An Appointed Staff Position?

Apply online.

Where Can I Get More Information?

Interested in learning more about HCASC? Contact Cindy Drummond, HCASC's advisor, or members of the HCASC officers (listed below). You can also contact your school principal for information on leadership opportunities at your school.


HCASC Officer Team 2023-2024

Alli Liu.

Allie Liu, President, hcascpresident@gmail.com
Allie Liu is a senior at Centennial High School. She is involved in student leadership through HCASC, MASC, and her school SGA, always looking to amplify student representation in the community. With a passion for public speaking and advocacy, Allie also participates in Model UN and Debate, and has served in legislative and community groups in her free time. Through HCASC, Allie aims to engage HCPSS students in opportunities to create actionable change and engage in their passions.

James J. Obasiolu.

James Obasiolu, First Vice President, hcascvicepresident@gmail.com
James Obasiolu, an Atholton High School junior, serves as HCASC First Vice President, where he amplifies student voices by fostering discussions on advocacy across HCPSS. Heavily involved with student voice initiatives in his community, he was appointed Howard County’s Environmental Sustainability Student Board Member by Executive Ball in June 2022. A sought-after keynote speaker, he has spoken to numerous audiences on the importance of including youth in policy decisions, environmental legislation, and other crucial topics like sustainability grant funding. Outside of advocacy, James plays Cello with the Baltimore Symphony & Carnegie Hall’s National Youth Orchestras–programs that took James to various European countries and the Dominican Republic in the Summer of 2023–competes in speech and rollerblading competitions and is an Eagle Scout. He hopes to empower as many students as possible to be vehicles for positive, nutritious change in their communities by leading compassionately and empathetically.

Alyson Abel.

Alyson Abel, Chief of Staff
Alyson is a senior at Wilde Lake High School, where she is involved in her school SGA, as well as her Speech and Debate team. She has a passion for public speaking and has spoke at events throughout the county. Through HCASC Alyson hopes to work towards leaving a meaningful impact in Howard County Schools.

Batool Haider.

Batool Haider, Deputy Chief of Staff, hcascdeputychiefofstaff@gmail.com
Batool is a sophomore at Atholton High School. Being her third year advocating for student voice, she has taken a part in the Howard County Student Committee for Equity, the School Representation and DEI sub-committees of HCASC, Atholton’s South Asian Union, SGA in which she took on the role as treasurer, and much more. Batool enjoys baking, roller skating, and socializing in her free time, and is passionate about computer science and volunteering. Her goal this year is to amplify the student voice while fostering an inclusive environment for all.

Jacob Portnoy.

Jacob Portnoy, Second Vice President, hcascsecondvicepresident@gmail.com
Jacob Portnoy is an 8th grader at Clarksville Middle School. One of Jacob’s goals is to get more Middle School participation in HCASC. Jacob enjoys working at his synagogue as a teacher's assistant for elementary schoolers. In his free time he enjoys biking, acting, and playing the French Horn. Jacob hopes that in his role he can expand student government for middle schoolers and give them a platform to share their ideas.

Asmitha Kornepati.

Asmitha Kornepati, Parliamentarian, hcascparliamentarian@gmail.com
Asmitha Kornepati is a junior at Howard High School. She is a passionate and dedicated leader in various organizations to bring positive and actionable change in her community. She continues to serve as class treasurer in the student council, and leads in Unicef, RedCross, and Girl Up. She is also an active and ardent member of the Youth Climate Institute, by initiating projects and gathering the community together. In Asmitha’s free time she enjoys playing the sitar, volunteering around the community, participates in the art form Kuchipudi, and enjoys traveling. Asmitha is excited for a successful year to collaborate with the HCASC community and beyond by supporting empowerment, and providing a platform to lead.

Shreya Dinesh.

Shreya Dinesh, Corresponding Secretary, hcascsecretary@gmail.com
Shreya is a freshman at Glenelg High School. She has been apart of HCASC since sixth grade, starting her leadership career by involving herself into the NJHS. Shreya is active in various clubs and organizations, including Potomac Debate Academy and Central Maryland Girl Scouts. Field hockey is a big passion of hers, and she enjoys playing on Glenelg’s Junior Varsity Team. Utilizing HCASC’s broad platform, she plans to use her position to expand student involvement and cross-county communication.

Erin Alistar.

Erin Alistar, Recording Secretary
Erin is a sophomore at River Hill High School. This year will be Erin’s fifth year advocating for student voice, he has chaired Howard County’s Legislative Affairs Committee, represented students in three policy review committees, been a student delegate to the Smob convention, and more. Outside of Student voice, Erin enjoys martial arts, debating, and playing the viola in various ensembles. Erin is hoping to attend international martial arts competitions starting in 2024 as a part of the national team. Erin’s goals for HCASC this year are to improve communication between school student governments and HCASC and to spread information so that more students have the opportunity to join.

Cindy Drummond, Advisor, cindy_drummond@hcpss.org

HCASC Appointed Staff

Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee manages the HCASC web page and social media in partnership with the HCASC advisor and Corresponding Secretary, and continually works to improve the communications between HCASC and the member schools not only through the website, but through newsletters, social media and other publications.

Student Organizations Committee (SOC) Operations

The SOC aids in the coordination between existing student organizations, elevates diversity of student interest within HCASC and increase awareness of variable student interests across the country (ex: providing resources for students to create student organizations), inspire students to celebrate their interests, and incentivize students from other organizations to join HCASC.


SOC NHS allows county-wide collaboration between National Honor Society groups to promote greater impact of activities and community service events. Representatives from different NHS groups across HCPSS can collaborate and spread news of their events between HCASC and their home schools.

SOC Arts

SOC Arts promotes arts related activities and opportunities, reaches out to school clubs and community groups, and brings ideas and concerns from county wide groups back to HCASC and the Student Member.

SOC Tutoring

SOC Tutoring allows students to collaborate with other tutoring organizations within HCPSS, whether that be volunteering as a tutor, seeking resources/ideas to create new tutoring programs, or doing outreach to bring tutors to those who would benefit from these services. Representatives of new or pre-existing tutoring organizations are welcome and encouraged to join!

Legislative Affairs Committee

The Legislative Affairs Committee ("LAC") seeks to empower the Howard County Associations of Student Councils (“HCASC”) and all Howard County students to understand the advocacy process in all levels of government. The LAC develops and proposes official HCASC stances relating to policies and legislation pertinent to youth and education.

Health and Social Issues Committee

The Health and Social Issues Committee promotes awareness of health and social issues, providing leadership for HCASC initiatives. This committee researches and shares state and county regulations and statutes regarding Safe Schools Initiatives, Mental Health, Discrimination, and Bullying/ Harassment policies, and builds relationships with school clubs and community groups to promote environmental related activities and opportunities for HCASC (such as reaching out to school clubs and community groups to promote environmental related activities and opportunities).

Environmental Affairs Committee

The Environmental Affairs Committee engages in environmental issues and promotes environmental related opportunities, builds relationships with school clubs and community groups to promote environmental related activities and opportunities for HCASC,bringing ideas and concerns from county wide groups back to HCASC and the Student Member.

Election Coordinating Committee

The Election Coordinating Committee plans, organizes, and holds the general and special elections for HCASC. We also work in conjunction with the Officer Team and Mrs. Drummond in planning and advertising all the stops on the road to electing the Student Member of the Board for the next school year. ECC takes the lead in planning for Delegate Training and the SMOB Convention, with the chairperson serving as Convention Director.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee operates within HCASC to provide a safe and secure environment for students of all races, genders, and backgrounds, and creates platforms for HoCo students to voice their opinions against injustice, working with the Legislative Affairs Committee to uplift the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within HCASC and HCPSS. This could include doing research, aiding in writing of legislative stances, helping promote/support legislative stances on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

STEM Committee

The STEM Committee fosters a system to promote STEM related activities and opportunities, reaches out to school clubs and community groups to promote STEM related activities and opportunities, bringing ideas and concerns from county wide groups back to HCASC and the Student Member.