Information on the upcoming SMOB convention

Mon, 02/08/2021 - 1:57pm

What time and where/how the convention is being held?

The convention is being held Wednesday 2/17 from 9:00am-12:30pm. It will be held virtually.

Who is attending the convention?

The thirteen students who applied for SMOB will provide opening statements, participate in a panel Q and A session, and host round-robin style break out rooms to meet and speak to the delegates in attendance.

138 delegates, representing all middle and high schools, will also be in attendance. The delegates were selected by the students and administrators at their schools per Policy 2010. There are three delegates from each middle school, representing grades 6,7,and 8, and six from each high school, representing grades 9-11 (12th grade does not vote or participate because they will graduate).

The Student Convention Planning team and the HCASC Officer team will also attend the SMOB Convention.

What is the purpose of the convention?

The purpose of the convention is to select the final two candidates who will run for SMOB and provide an opportunity for students to participate in a democratic civic experience. Students run every aspect of the convention, from delegate training to convention planning

What happens after the convention concludes?

The two final candidates will conduct a campaign until the general election 5/3-5/5. The elections are held in every middle and high school through Canvas. All students in grades 6-11 can vote. Applicants who are not selected as finalists are invited to participate in HCASC and other countywide and school-based leadership experiences.