October GA Takeaways: Communication Builds Community

Wed, 10/20/2021 - 11:27am

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Communication Builds Community Guide

You are a member of a school club or SGA. How can you reach out?

  • Before your meeting, brainstorm with friends about all the possible clubs and organizations you could connect to.
  • Reach out to students in other clubs and organizations
    • Let them know you plan to meet and how they can help out.
    • Make sure to show your appreciation for their help! Ask them if there is anything your group can do to support the work they are doing.
    • After you connect with groups at your school, explore county and state-level organizations sharing your cause.
  • Are you an SGA member? Want to increase ticket sales and student turn-out?
    • Promote and engage clubs to increase engagement in your school wide events.
    • Students want to go to events where they will feel welcome and see those they already know in addition to new faces.
    • Partner with groups to uplift everyone.
  • Reach out to adults
    • Tell them you plan to meet and invite them to join you at events or activities.
    • Ask for their input and ideas.
  • Inform BEFORE
    • Promote your planning meetings and ask for input and suggestions to the many groups and organizations you connected with.
    • Give them ample time to provide you with feedback, come up with questions, and prepare materials.
  • Reconnect AFTER
    • Communicate what you worked on after you meet!
    • Share photos of your event, presentation sides, and other helpful resources.
    • Invite students and adults and organizations to stay tuned for what’s next.

Key Takeaways- Student Leaders Build Connections

  • When we build foundations together around shared interests, purpose, and fun, it lays a foundation for when we find we need to dive into more complicated topics and challenging situations.
  • Frequent, engaging communication is the key and a first step you can take in preparation for your next meeting or event.
  • Give it a try! The worst someone may say is "no" and then you can try again next time.